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Catalyst Athletics Releases First Independent Film
On The Sport of Weightlifting On November 16, 2013


An In-Depth Look at the Struggle, Reward and Passion Inside
The World of Competitive Olympic Style Weightlifting in the US

Sunnyvale, Calif. – October 14, 2013 – Written, directed, produced, financed and distributed by first time filmmaker Greg Everett, AMERICAN WEIGHTLIFTING: THE DOCUMENTARY is a deep look into the world of competitive Olympic weightlifting. Featured exclusive interviews in the film include Mike Burgener, John Thrush, Jim Schmitz and Bob Takano as well as amateur athletes, including many female lifters. The people who compete in Olympic lifting do not do it for the money or the fame. It is done for the love of the sport. AMERICAN WEIGHTLIFTING: THE DOCUMENTARY will be available on DVD and digital streaming on November 16, 2013. Please visit for more information and to order.

This is a story of the human spirit, dedication to something you believe in and love. This is American Weightlifting. With an unheard of budget of only $10K and four years of literal blood, sweat and tears, Everett has given a look into a world filled with a long tradition dating back to the first Olympics and beyond. But often overlooked and ignored for more “flashy” sports and activities. Amateur athletes and coaches with little or no financial support struggle to compete with the professionals who dominate the sport internationally. Training in garages, working full time jobs, ignored by the public and the media, American weightlifters and coaches strive to compete with the best in the world with little or no resources compared to their global competitors.

"Weightlifting is one of the oldest Olympic sports and is very popular internationally,” said Greg Everett. “I wanted to shed some light on the sport and dispel some of the myths. I hope this documentary educates and inspires the audience.”

American Weightlifting: The Documentary a film by Greg Everett
Genre: Documentary, Drama
Running Time: 126 min
Cast: Mike Burgener, John Thrush, Jim Schmitz, Bob Takano, Kevin Doherty, Paul Doherty, Danny Camargo, Greg Everett
Distributor: Catalyst Athletics
Format: DVD, VOD and Digital download/streaming
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About Greg Everett
Greg Everett is the 33-year-old owner and head coach of Catalyst Athletics in Sunnyvale, California. Catalyst Athletics not only houses the gym for the national medalist Catalyst Athletics weightlifting team and fitness programs, but is also the publisher for book, DVD and other educational materials for the sport of weightlifting. Everett is the author of Olympic Weightlifting: A Complete guide for Athletes & Coaches, seen by many in the sport as the primary resource on the subject. Everett is still competitive in weightlifting at the national level.

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